Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Seventeen Days

I leave for Namibia in seventeen days.

It's pretty unreal, to say the very least.

My passport arrived at my mom's house, and it's currently somewhere between El Dorado Hills, California and Tempe, AZ. Passport? Check.

I got a bunch of shots yesterday and I'm in for some more on Thursday. Shots? Check.

My fundraising is where it needs to be, which is a huge blessing. Fundraising? Check.

Plane tickets? Check.

Sleeping bag? Check.

Amazing team? Check.

I'm seventeen days away from spending roughly a day in flight, and flying into a time zone which is eight hours ahead of my typical time zone. Needless to say, I'm freaking out.

I'm going to Namibia in seventeen days. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Crazy.