Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I went to the gym today. Gyms are not my thing. They remind me of picking up my brother (and his grimy little friends) from wrestling practice and forcing them to roll down all the windows so they wouldn't stink up my car. I also have a ton of anxiety about gyms. Are people looking at me? Do I look cool? Am I working out hard enough? I did 20 minutes on the elliptical today and then made myself so nervous that I started feeling pukey. My hatred of the gym: I'm working on it.

It. Is. COLD. In. Houston. White Christmas? Not interested. Leaves changing colors? Couldn't care less. I want sunshine, 80 degree weather, frozen yogurt, and t-shirts all year long. There is California blood flowing through these veins and there always will be. The Wonder Dog and I will spend this week snuggled up, drinking tea, and eating oranges to keep all the germs away.

Monday, January 7, 2013

I am obviously an adult-lescent.

At work, I do really badass things like save lives and supervise fifty people. But at home, I do really lame things like set off the smoke detector by cooking a pizza. In my defense, the pizza is not burning. There is no smoke in this apartment. Honest to God, I don't even need to set a timer because the smoke detector goes off right before the pizza is finished. My apologies to my neighbors; I've taken care of the problem. My apologies to my firefighter dad; I've hidden the smoke detector in my closet again.

New year, new stories, new goals. I'm a relief charge nurse. I'm still in Texas, though I'd like to move again soon. Russell & I are still racking up frequent flier miles. Our Christmas vacation included going to the movies three times, eating all the junk food we wanted, taking long naps, and spending a lovely New Year's Eve at home with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

New Year's Resolutions? Sure.
- Stop gossiping (mostly at work)
- Stop swearing so much (mostly at work)
- Learn how to like exercising. I've started working out with these girls.
- More yoga
- More veggies. More dinners that aren't made by Lean Cuisine.
- Read more, write more.
- Be sweet to my cute boyfriend.