Thursday, June 30, 2011

more about camp

At the behest of Bekah, here is a little more about what I'm doing:

I am working at a camp riiiight on the border of Pennsylvania & New York. It's a traditional, summer-long sleepaway camp that keeps every day packed full of activities like tennis, waterski, ceramics, ropes courses, camping trips, theater productions, yoga, a skate park, gymnastics, lacrosse, & just about any other sport you ever played as a kid. The campers are predominantly Jewish, so we eat kosher style, which works for me, because pork is a fairly recent addition to my diet so I don't miss it much. However, I desperately miss putting cheese on my burgers & sandwiches.

There is no garden here & I've been missing out on most of the fun camp stuff while we set up the Health Center. I have yet to make an art or a craft. Most depressingly, I have been here for fifteen days & have not eaten or even seen a s'more. However, I have a connection & hopefully he will pull through & drop some off a the Health Center for me, because I am really, truly dying without one. I mean, really, what is summer camp without s'mores?

I'm making a couple of friends here & there, but mostly spending a lot of time with the nurses & scraped up kiddos.

I would LOVE to have pen pals (in English or in any other language, really), so let me know if you'd like my address.

Love you all very, very much & although I'm having a blast, I'll be excited to come home in August.

xoxo kt

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hobbies as of late

- shredding my abs on the Bender Ball & then walking around the whole next day like I was involved in a barfight
- lots & lots of yoga
- trying foods that I'm pretty sure I won't like (Note: If it looks like an Egg McMuffin, that's probably what it tastes like. Go for oatmeal.)
- remembering the days when I could sleep past 7 because my neighborhood didn't blast wake-up music
- band-aids, ice packs, & tympanic membrane thermometers
- feeling like Wal-Mart is a sign of reaching civilization (ouch)
- reading reading reading reading
- Gmail voice & video chat
- "What's your name? What's your division? What happened?"
- finally learning how to use a walkie talkie

Thursday, June 23, 2011

road trip 2011: 3 putes, 4 stars

Once upon a time, two girls thought it would be a really great idea to take a cross-country road trip. Seven days, an H&M bag full of snacks, & a borrowed SUV.

They saw the Meteor Crater, the world's best preserved meteorite impact site.

They visited Dorothy's house in the heart of Liberal, Kansas.

They saw the Arch in Saint Louis, & sat in a creepy capsule of an elevator to get to the top.

They went to Chicago to meet up with the third member of their elite posse. While in Chicago, they ate & ate & ate. Their recommendations include Frontera Grill, The Purple Pig, & Quartino (ask for Scott, the best waiter in all the land & my boyfriend's doppelganger).

They drove 19 miles out of their way to visit Punxsutawney Phil, who lives in a tiny rodent habitat attached to the public library.

And finally, they parted ways to attend to their responsibilities at work.

I am at camp. The kids don't get here until Saturday so for the past eight days I have been filing, cleaning, socializing, stocking shelves, Ace wrapping elbows & knees & ankles, & tending to other miscellaneous injuries. The food is good, though I'm not impressed by the desserts (shocker). It is beautiful here, but it's been raining for the past two days. In my free time, I'm doing a lot of yoga & a lot of reading.

Monday, June 6, 2011

yum and yuck

Last weekend, Russell J & I took a mini vacation to Arizona wine country. We toured Alcantara Vineyards. After that, we made our way into the adorable town of Cottonwood, where we did a wine tasting at Arizona Stronghold. We grabbed a bite to eat, did a chocolate & wine tasting at the Pillsbury Wine Company Tasting Room, and then, we did the best thing that we did all weekend.

We did a cheese tasting.

There a few things I enjoy more than fine cheeses. If you also have a love for cheese, please please puh-lease go to Cottonwood and visit Bonne Lait. You could even bring back some cheese for me. I swear I'll help you eat it.

Unfortunately, I was pretty excited about delicious food & drink, so I didn't take any pictures. Oops.

We stayed at the Jerome Grand Hotel, which has been called one of the most active haunted locations in the world. Um. I do not like ghosts. I do not like thinking about ghosts. I do not even like watching Ghost Hunters during the daytime. Needless to say, I was not excited about our lodging for the evening. This is a picture of me in the elevator, which is supposed to be haunted by the ghost of an orderly who died by being crushed by the elevator back when the hotel was a hospital. Um, no thanks. Get me out of here, please.

I am leaving for camp bright & early on Wednesday morning & evening though this man makes my stay at a haunted house every time he takes me on vacation, I am really going to miss him for the next eight weeks. I mean, what other sous chef poses with my chickens?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

veggies: 6/2/11

- yellow & petit pan squashes
- leeks
- green onion
- swiss chard
- carrots
- little yellow potatoes
- sweet onions

Mexican food tonight! We're eating pozole at home & then hitting up a paleteria for dessert. Yum!