Thursday, June 30, 2011

more about camp

At the behest of Bekah, here is a little more about what I'm doing:

I am working at a camp riiiight on the border of Pennsylvania & New York. It's a traditional, summer-long sleepaway camp that keeps every day packed full of activities like tennis, waterski, ceramics, ropes courses, camping trips, theater productions, yoga, a skate park, gymnastics, lacrosse, & just about any other sport you ever played as a kid. The campers are predominantly Jewish, so we eat kosher style, which works for me, because pork is a fairly recent addition to my diet so I don't miss it much. However, I desperately miss putting cheese on my burgers & sandwiches.

There is no garden here & I've been missing out on most of the fun camp stuff while we set up the Health Center. I have yet to make an art or a craft. Most depressingly, I have been here for fifteen days & have not eaten or even seen a s'more. However, I have a connection & hopefully he will pull through & drop some off a the Health Center for me, because I am really, truly dying without one. I mean, really, what is summer camp without s'mores?

I'm making a couple of friends here & there, but mostly spending a lot of time with the nurses & scraped up kiddos.

I would LOVE to have pen pals (in English or in any other language, really), so let me know if you'd like my address.

Love you all very, very much & although I'm having a blast, I'll be excited to come home in August.

xoxo kt


spartacus21 said...

it's nice to hear more of what you are doing. I hope you get that s'more soon!

Rebekah said...

I would write to you! But I am going on an awesome vacation for most of July, so no real promises.
Kosher sounds fun :)