Tuesday, July 26, 2011

week five of eight

- Harry Potter at the drive-in
- Sublime at Bethel Woods
- outlet shopping
- finally hitting the wall & just being tiiiired all the time
- cry a little, laugh a lot
- still no job offers, still no interviews
- waking up every day knowing that I'm one day closer to the end of summer & not knowing how i feel about that

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

outside my scope of practice

Skills I've acquired in 23 years:
- piano. flute. bass clarinet. vocal performance. musical theater
- queen o' the stick shift
- francais. espanol.
- hitting a vein on the first try on a terrified 9-year-old
- hot grandma (knitting, baking pies, writing letters, telling bedtime stories)

Those I have yet to master:
- doing a cartwheel
- learning how not to care when people don't like me
- finding the delicate balance between total honesty & unintended cruelty
- networking
- how to paint my nails without smudging one or all of them

Saturday, July 2, 2011

busier & busier

Today, I was:
"Please come up & get your medicine & try your best to remember to come see me tomorrow."
Patron saint of making grilled cheeses without setting off the fire alarm
Cheerleader & slave-driver when it came down to getting quick strep tests done.
A bundle of nerves & a sick stomach.
"Boys, you have five more minutes & then back to activities & no, you absolutely do not need crutches."
2:30 p.m. & disinterested in lunch
One 20-minute stint of laying on my bed, not moving, eyes closed, just because I could
Two days away from my day off
Hot sauce & scrambled eggs

Friday, July 1, 2011

love packages

Today, I got not one, but TWO care packages, which I prefer to call "love packages" because let's face it: they're always from the people who love you the most.

Package One was from Russell J & contained contraband treats (peanut M&Ms & walnut chocolate chip cookies...I solemnly swear to keep them in my room & wash my hands before touching any campers. I really don't feel the need to stab someone with an Epi-pen this summer. Or ever.), knee socks, pore strips, mouthwash, HOT SAUCE (thank the Lord), & MAGAZINES!

I have a serious magazine addiction. I am so happy.

Package Two was from the congregation of the lovely church I go to in Guadalupe. It was chock-full of snacks, puzzle books, & even a can of Silly String & a Slinky! The kids who have to stay overnight in the Health Center when they're sick will totally appreciate those. The pastor's wife even sent me a few dollars "to buy some ice cream". It was so sweet that I nearly cried.

Today, I also got my first hemp friendship bracelet. With beads! That's how you know you're really special :)