Saturday, July 2, 2011

busier & busier

Today, I was:
"Please come up & get your medicine & try your best to remember to come see me tomorrow."
Patron saint of making grilled cheeses without setting off the fire alarm
Cheerleader & slave-driver when it came down to getting quick strep tests done.
A bundle of nerves & a sick stomach.
"Boys, you have five more minutes & then back to activities & no, you absolutely do not need crutches."
2:30 p.m. & disinterested in lunch
One 20-minute stint of laying on my bed, not moving, eyes closed, just because I could
Two days away from my day off
Hot sauce & scrambled eggs

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

So, not to ruin things, but I am going to attempt to send you a s'more care package with good chocolate, homemade graham crackers and homemade marshmallows. We shall see.
How long are you at camp?