Thursday, December 13, 2007

Part Ten: Boredom

I don't think that I was bored for one second while I was in Namibia.

Mornings were spent at school.

Afternoons were reserved for naptime. Cierra and I never managed to fall asleep. Instead, we'd play cards. Do laundry. Talk. Read outside.

The most exciting afternoon outing was walking to the Spar, the local grocery store. We'd walk over to buy Cokes, chips, and chocolate. There was a phone and a computer next door to the Spar, so we'd call or write home. We would see students from school and say hello.

Midway through the trip, Cierra, Cat, and I decided that we needed to tan. After all, we were on summer break, right? We took our sleeping bags into the backyard and laid out. It was absurd and wonderful.

Most nights were spent watching Justin, the two-year-old son of my trip leader, dance. At two years old, he was a much better dance than any of the Navigator team.

We played music. We asked about each other's life stories. We wrote silly songs

We would dress up. One night, we decide to style our hair and wear skirts to dinner, which was always at the boys' house. When we showed up, they asked why we were so fancy.

"Where are you going?"
"Out. To the club."
"What club?"
"Oh, you know...some really exclusive club. We hear that they're going to feed us."

I loved spending time with my team and inventing things to do.

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Anonymous said...

Jean is a manager at the Spar!