Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So weather in Dijon is funny.

It's March.

In my mind, March = spring

Spring = the end of wearing winter coats

The end of wearing winter coats = the beginning of wearing sandals

Anyway, wearing actual shoes and a winter coat has been driving me crazy. If I wake up and the sun is out, I absolutely refuse to wear my big orange coat. Instead, I'll throw on a hoodie and shiver my way to class.

Last week, I walked to school on an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day. It was sunny and almost too warm for me to be wearing my trusty paisley hoodie. I was ecstatic.

However, midway through my first class of day, I looked outside and it was snowing. SNOWING. It took a while for this California girl to figure out what the weird weather outside was. But it was snow.

BUT, by the time my class was over, so was the snow :( Bummer.

It snowed again while I was in my second class, but finished before it was time for me to walk home.

I also missed the snow on Easter Sunday while I was in Paris. Boooooo...

But then, Monday morning, I woke up to a Dijon covered with snoooooooooow!!! I ran to wake up Liz and tried to talk her into building a snowman with me, or at least making a snow angel. (I have my winter coat in my closet for occasions like this.) But she refused and by the time we were both awake and ready to face the cold, most of the snow had melted.

In really pleasant news, I've gotten two full days of snow in Dijon, even though none of it is sticking.

"SNOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!" (It should be noted that this is what I scream whilst skipping down the street like an 8-year-old every time I exit a building.)

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spartacus21 said...

it's a foreign concept isn't it! And what paisley hoodie? is it new?!? photo please!

Amy Trianne said...

Snow? Huh? I have never heard of such thing.