Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love...

...when I'm wasting away my life at my computer and my gorgeous puppy jumps on top of me to remind me to wake up and stop being so boring.
...outside naps.
...lazy afternoons where all I do is read.
...laughing really hard when I least expect it.
...when my apartment is clean and looks like someone really cool lives here, as opposed to when I get really busy with school and it gets really dirty and looks like a hobo lives here.
...having knives in my kitchen. Especially one very pink knife. in vases that live for over a week.
...planting sunflowers even though I'll probably overwater and kill them.

P.S. to my dad: I'm working my way back to blogging again. I love you more.


Lauren Elise said...

I love YOU. And the sunflower thing- PS have you ever had a little travel size sunflower pot?? Best thing ever, AND mine got really big! PPS I'd love to see your house next week, when I'm in az!!

KT said...

I have wildflowers and sunflowers in a pretty substantial size pot and then a tiny pot with sunflowers hopefully growing in it. I would LOVE you to come over! My mom will be here, but I want to see you!