Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This blog post is going to be chock full of self pity.


Totally warning you.

I am sick.
What I mean is I've been sick, off & on, for the past six months. Losing my breakfast at work (obviously the best way to make a good impression). Fevers that max out at 103.1. General malaise. And, as I found out last week, I've lost eight pounds since November. Kind of a cool side effect, but the weight loss is what really made me worry. I never, and I mean never, lose weight. I can live off of Chick-fil-A or spend all of my free time at the gym & I will pretty much stay at a steady weight.

So I finally went to the doctor, chatted her up, & got some blood drawn.

My stomach is playing host to this little buddy.

Helicobacter pylori. H. pylori, if you're intimately acquainted (which I am) or of the medical profession (me again).

We probably met when I forgot to brush my teeth with bottled water in Puebla. Or when I ate one too many platanos fritos that time I went to Rocky Point. Or from all those fatcakes/bowls of porridges/dishes I didn't scrub quite well enough in Namibia. Or when I was trying to be polite & ate dinner at my patient's house. That last choice was probably the kiss of death, because I've convinced myself that a sense of adventure cures any little bug you might encounter in the Third World. Also, that semester of drinking/dancing/laughing a little too much in France probably did not help my immune system recover.

At any rate, a severe lack of sleep, 70-hour work weeks, & a diet heavily supported by cows who tell me to Eet Mor Chiken became the perfect storm in which my buddy H. pylori decided to sink my poor stomach's ship.

So. For the next two weeks, my life centers around antibiotics & proton pump inhibitors.

Moral of the story: Get some sleep. Eat some veggies. Don't kiss strangers in foreign lands. And only eat street tacos when they smell really, really amazing. At least then, the stomach demons were worth it.


spartacus21 said...

oh my goodness! this is crazy! I'll be praying for a fast recovery for you! Dude, on Monday I was totally thinking of the time we walked downstairs and saw Becca crying into the only thing in her purse with a McDonald's ice cream right before she dropped it on the floor! It made me laugh and miss sharing ridiculous moments with you. haha. i'll buy you an ice cream cone next time i'm in town if you want!

krystal said...

sad day about the h.pylori.
i don't know that the picture of the bacteria was all that necessary, though...:)
hope you get better sooner rather than later!

Trisha said...

Oh NOOOO - I'm so sorry about this!! You for sure got it in the States...I, as well, am a firm believer that true adventure abroad cancels out bodily contamination.

Ni said...

Hope you're getting better already :( I send you virtual bowls of miso soup!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Hope you're feeling better, and I agree with Ni's comment - miso soup is a must!

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