Monday, February 25, 2013

As off the grid as I can manage

I've had a nice little zen retreat in my everyday life, thanks to TMobile's stupidity. Russell J & I decided to get fancy new phones. So we switched to TMobile from Sprint. Our phones get here today. Our service, however, was switched on Thursday. I've been cell-phoneless (and all-phoneless) for five days. I'm partying like it's 2003.

(Apologetic Girlfriend Note: He has been begging me for months to get these phones. I kept ignoring him, thinking that he was just being gadget-obsessed. I was wrong. This phone is really cool. I may never go back to having an obsolete phone.)

Thank you, TMobile, for freeing me from the tyranny of other's peoples' Facebook posts and Twitter mentions. It's SO NICE to be present, on vacation in Phoenix, able to move about my day without having to know that somewhere in the world, a distant cousin is fighting with her mom.

I am in Phoenix for another two days. I love it. If the Wonder Dog weren't still in Houston, I would never, ever leave.

Boyfriend & I have been putting in a lot of time of the gym. I had this crazy brilliant idea to sign up for a triathlon because they give you mimosas and cupcakes at the finish line. So we're both in training for triathlons, like active people. He went to a yoga class with me, which was one of the harder classes I've been to recently. Whoops. I ran 3 miles yesterday and am finally feeling like I'm almost kind of a runner.

And we tried to swim.

I'm going to drown. In the lazy river. At a resort hotel.

I haven't swam laps in, oh, probably 15 years. And even then, I was no Ryan Lochte/Michael Phelps/Missy whoever/I don't know any female Olympic swimmers. I don't like to put my face in the water. Even with goggles on, I think that I'm drowning. Thank goodness for a patient, ex-competitive-swimming boyfriend. He recommended a paddleboard. And I'm seven years old again.

We were supposed to go to 2 spring training games over the past 2 days, but decided to take afternoon naps instead. Please don't tell Coco and Yoenis, but the naps were totally worth it. Plus, we're going to see them at their Spring Training home & buy lots of prezzies for the fam, so I hope they'll forgive me.

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