Sunday, September 7, 2008

A few disjoint thoughts

I forgot about birds. Because of school (and the heat, yuck), I'm rarely outside during the day. Yesterday, I was walking Vegas and I heard birdies chirping in the tree outside of my house. How could I forget about birds? I had a similar experience last fall in which I forgot that, in other parts of the world, summer smells like fresh-cut grass. Boo, Arizona. We're only buddies until May 2010 and then I am out of here.

Speaking of getting out of here...any ideas? I'm looking for a moderately large city without pretention. With nice people. With farmers' markets and theaters and a good music scene and many outdoor cultural events. With a rockin' public transportation system. With many delicious cafes and quiet coffee shops and few chain restaurants. With good weather. And having a sizeable Hispanic population wouldn't hurt.

I love school. I thought I might hate school, because I hadn't been in real college for 8-ish months, and I hadn't really taken legit classes for a semester or two before that. But I love school.

That said, I kind of wish I hadn't gotten into nursing school. Nursing school is great and everything, but now I have a career. A life path. I feel like I was more interesting before, when I was threatening to hitchhike to Seattle and trick Rick Steves into hiring me. Or run away from real life and go back to theater. Or become a translator. Or just move back to France and be an au pair. But now, I'm a nursing student, and in four short semesters, I'm going to be a nurse, and then I'm going to move away to somewhere fantastic and be a real adult. I guess that's pretty nice.

If I could live at the library, I would. Libraries are my favorite places in the whole world. Do you think there's an easy way to convert my RN/BSN to whatever sort of degree a librarian needs?


Lauren Elise said...

I know Rick Steves- I could hook you up with his son Andy (who's pretty cute and worldly actually), and then you could get a job in a pinch ;)
Eh? Eh? Don't tell me it's not tempting :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's James. Amy's James. Yeah I read your blog anonymously like a creeper but hey, it's interesting and you're a good writer.

Butttt about the city thing, Denver meets all of those things (except for the good weather thing, although I like the cold, hence why I'm in Flagstaff). Plus, that's where I might move to in 2010 when I graduate haha. and Amy too!

PS I wish I loved school at the moment. It's kicking my ass.

KT said... know ANDY??? Okay, so, I've totally read his blog. Small small world. And yes, I will totally keep that whole Rick/Andy Steves idea in mind.

Hi James! I don't think you're a creeper, plus Amy already told me that you stealthily read my blog. Denver is actually on my top 5 list right now :) Why is school so hard on you? What are you studying?

Anonymous said...

Haha okay coolness. What other cities are on your top 5? I'm interested.

My major is accounting...haha I know, I brought it on myself. It's just a little overwhelming at the moment.


Anonymous said...

There's always Austin!! it seems to fit your description.

Anonymous said...

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