Tuesday, September 14, 2010

home again, home again

I had a really great weekend full of my boyfriend's family, a beautiful wedding, and sweet sweet sweeeeet vacation.

Not to brag, but all I did this weekend was eat eat eat, walk on the beach and read a book about Paul Newman.

And now that I'm back in the real world, I'm taking the day to pretend like I'm still on a mini vacation. I skipped the gym this morning, picked my girl Vegas up from the kennel, took her to Chik-fil-A for breakfast, and now we're sitting around on the couch.

Oh, and we're considering adopting this little guy:

It was good to get out of the heat and away from work for a little bit. The rest of the day is going to be filled with job apps and planning for hosting Thanksgiving this year. Any ideas on either?


Rebekah said...

Can you please please please name him after another city? like Boston?

ps. job apps suck. They never fail to make me feel inadequate. I need some good Bible verses to intersperse with the applications.

kt said...

Russell wanted to name him AC, like Atlantic City. I refused. I'd go for Denver, which might get awkward if we move there. But if he comes home with us, I think he's going to be McQueen, a la Steve McQueen.

I HATE JOB APPS. I was motivated yesterday, but I am not at all motivated today. It doesn't help that I'm not getting an ounce of feedback. Boo. Grr. Hiss.

Rebekah said...

I thought maybe Nashville and Nash for short. Also, McQueen makes me think of Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie Cars. Diego? Austin? Gilbert? Denton? or even Atlas?
He's a super cutie though.

kt said...

I like Nash and Gilbert.

He's still a little guy (like 5 wks) so he can't be adopted yet, but hopefully we can go meet him this weekend.