Friday, February 18, 2011

it's a sweet, sweet life


Russell J made me the most amazing cherry clafoutis with a shortbread crust as a late Valentine's Day present. I'm not saying I could eat it every day for the rest of my life, but I have eaten it multiple times a day for the past two days. He's definitely a keeper.

And....drumroll please...after two years of paying interest on trains that I took across Europe and clothes I shouldn't have bought....I finally paid off my credit card. Unfortunately, this kind of feels like a birthday: I don't feel any older (or more financially secure), but I guess I am.

We got veggies yesterday! Spinach (always a hit), kohlrabi (looks like an alien), green garlic (hope it's a good as regular garlic), broccoli raab (also always a hit), watermelon radishes (the fact that they are named after my favorite summer fruit gives me the teensiest glimmer of hope), turnips (old news), lettuce (bummer), carrots (yum), & broccoli (double yum. This broccoli is far superior to any broccoli I ever bought at the store). And, even better, Russell J is making PIZZA tonight!

Life is hard & unexpected & crazy all day long, but damn, sometimes it's so, so sweet.


Rebekah said...

Okay, I'm confused as to why Russell won't eat pasta. Goof.

I wish we were neighbors so that I could make pasta for you and you could make veggies for us, because Steve doesn't like them and I'm scared to force them on him.

Maybe if you save money to visit me I'll buy you fancy cheeses when you get here. Deal? Also, I found a recipe for chocolate fettucini I want to try. Come visit.

This song came on the radio the other day. I thought that if you needed something to ease you through the mourning of your friend that it might help bring the tears and the healing.

Love you, my dear.

Also, I want some of that cherry clafoutis. I made a pear tarte once that was not a good combo. Good pears, good custard, not good together. Ina Garten lied to me.

kt said...

In his own words, Russell will not eat pasta because, "It's gross. It has a horrible feeling in the mouth. It makes me want to puke. It's squishy & gluten-y." Also, he doesn't eat melty cheese, so he's just kind of defective.

Steve doesn't like veggies?? If Russell has one food strength, it's that he really loves veggies. Win some, lose some.

Chocolate fettuccine...mmm...

Thanks for the video, girl. I really like it. I saw a guy from high school last night & it set something off. Seeing people we grew up with is hard for me right now.

When you come visit me or we come visit you, I'll make Russell J whip up that clafoutis. We finished it off yesterday. Soooo gooood. The crust really pulled it together.