Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"radish recipes that don't suck"

Also, "how the hell to eat kohlrabi".

This is the way that I talk to Google.

I spent most of today flipping through cookbooks and have decided that a) my cookbooks have left me ill-equipped to cook these CSA veggies and b) I hate cookbooks without indices.

Tonight, dinner was wok sauteed mizuna with leftover orange roasted chicken, roasted broccoli & kohlrabi with green garlic (that I burned nearly to a crisp), & arugula salad with beets, walnuts, & goat cheese (I hate hate hate arugula). Well, one out of three.

Tomorrow, I once again attempt to conquer radishes.


Rebekah said...

Too funny. Although perhaps not the most effective way to get search results.

Steve's mom had a killer vegan cookbook when I visited last and if I can get the name of it I will pass it on to help with your veggie woes.

Try an arugula pesto? Or Chimichurri, or something like that. I have a cookbook with a beet section if you need to know how to make beet pasta or beet brownies or beet smoothie. Goat cheese is a winner all the time.

Have you considered pickling your radishes? Very popular in Korean cuisine, and Vietnamese sandwiches. Mmmm Bahn Mi...

kt said...

I would love the name of the cookbook!

Maybe I'll have to try an arugula pesto, as we just got another bunch of arugula :/ Go ahead and send the beet brownie recipe along. I like beets, but the brownies intrigue me.

I also don't like pickled things. Maybe the radishes & I will just have to part ways?