Friday, January 28, 2011

this week

- I do not want to eat veggies. I just want to go out to dinner. EVERY. NIGHT. Made some pizza last night for some out of town guests.

- Today is my tenth day in a row of working. Nope, didn't plan that one out. BUT! I have tomorrow off. Yaaaaaaaay!

- I am on my very last pair of socks. Clean socks.

- My car is still totalled. I am still going to drive it because there is nothing wrong with it (other than the fact that it looks like a golf ball). But where it counts, it's perfect.

- Don't want to eat veggies, but we did get almost a dozen oranges this week. GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!

- Getting a new phone/phone plan soon. Less enthused than I was about car shopping.

- My eye is still twitchy. I should have marked it on my calendar. I think we're going on two weeks?

Bonus: I bought some really good chocolate pudding from La Grande Orange last night. Made my whole week!

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