Thursday, January 6, 2011

the veggies are here!!!

Spinach, a head of lettuce, some dill, a couple of oranges, some turnips, kale, broccoli raab, and two HUGE radishes (who knows what those will turn into). PLUS a gallon of milk from real Arizona cows and some pineapple farmer's cheese, which is actually better than it sounds, although I'm hard pressed to figure out any other way of eating it than spreading it on crackers.

If I were staying home this weekend, I would regale you all with tales of culinary experimentation.


...I'm going to Dallas tomorrow! See you when I get back! xoxo

P.S. Any recipe ideas for my veggie treasure chest? Leave 'em here!


Rebekah said...

well, salad, of course. radishes and salted butter on a baguette, broccoli raab as a stir fry, turnips boiled with potatoes for mash, dry the kale into chips. Make your own ricotta?

kt said...

Thanks, lady! Did you get my Facebook message?